Bali Day 3: Parasailing at Tanjung Benoa and Uluwatu’s Pastel Sky

We started day 2 at Bali by checking out of Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel and head to Tanjung Benoa for water sports.

I was very excited because I never tried water sports before, except I had one snorkeling experience before in Danang. Hmm, but it was not really a snorkeling since we were not doing it in the right way.

212 (36)

Back to Tanjung Benoa, among many sports, I and my friend choose snorkeling and parasailing since we just allow choose 2 sports. After reading the disclaimer that we understand that there will be unexpected danger happen while playing, we head to the sea and play snorkeling first.

To be truthful, Bali’s sea quite strong and angry for a person can not swim properly like me. But as long as I sit on the boat, I think I might be vomiting so I just try jumped into the sea as soon as possible. Since my last snorkeling experience did not help me at all so I had a hard time in the sea that really did not know what I should do since the wave was too strong and I too scared for snorkeling alone. Then suddenly, one strange guy approached me and asked if I was ok and he helped me with all the tools like if I wore it right or wrong or taught me how to breathe in the water. After making sure everything was okay, he said “let me show you the fish”, then grabbed my wrist and we started diving into the sea. And I swear that was the most beautiful, magic, and a twinkling scene that I ever have seen so far. And now I can understand why people love diving cause it is another world compared to the normal living world. I tried to reach my hand to fishes that swimming before my eyes. And I did not know when but the strange guy started holding my hand. He gave the bread to me and gave me the sign “you feed the fish”. And we kept “see the fish” together until I had said goodbye to him and back to the boat.

212 (37).JPG
Tanjung Benoa


I backed to the team and started play parasailing. Quite nervous and still nervous when up to the sky but for sure, that was the most memorable memory in my life until now. Because I was so scared that I did not dare to hold the phone and took pictures. So I really have no pictures of me snorkeling and parasailing *shy*

After spending half of the day playing sports, we head to the restaurant for lunch and then went to Uluwatu temple for sunset and Kecak dance.

The scene hide before the wall
Waves keep find the way coming back to shores

When wandering around Uluwatu temple, I saw many people keep climbing and hanging on the wall that made me so curious and climb to it too. And the scene hides after it is very amazingggggggg. You can see waves keep coming back to the shores down there and the blue sky far far away. I just want to keep hanging the wall and enjoy the scene but had to head to the hall for famous Kecak dance.

People are praying at Uluwatu


The Kecak dance last around 1 hour. The weather was not good that day so I could not see the sunset at Uluwatu. Kecak dance is based on a traditional Balinese ritual and the story is a bit complicated. To be shorten, it a story about a woman who is stolen from her husband (a prince) by a demon and the prince and his brother must rescue her. I think watching dance or any art show is a best way for anyone who want to understand about the country culture that you are visiting. And I will never be regret to pay amount of the money to know more about the culture around the world.

Kecak dance and the pastel sky that day

To end of the day, we went to a restaurant for dinner and checked in at Ubud Plataran Hotel & Spa. And I was arranged a special room and it my first time *again* staying at a beautiful room like that. Because we checked in quite late so I just took a shower and went to sleep after a long but unforgetable day.


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