What to eat in Koh Rong

The blog today is a bit different. I won’t blog about travel or destination but will be what to eat in Koh Rong, Cambodia.

So far, Koh Rong is my favorite place to get away. It’s near to Vietnam, the sea is so calm and clear, and the atmosphere is so good that I can do nothing there besides swimming and then lie on the sand with a glass of smoothies in hand.

There are not many choices for you to choose when in Koh Rong but still there are some highlights you should take.

Sigi’s Thai Food


It’s a typical Thai “restaurant” in Koh Rong. It’s so weird that you’re in Cambodia but you must not pass food of Sigi. It’s not like a restaurant cause it’s just a small spot that Sigi – a chef also server and everything that will make you feel amused. Believe me that after a swim, all you want is just a dish of fried rice from Sigi. But you should come quickly since Sigi just open from 11 am to 2 pm and from 6 pm to 8 pm. I don’t remember the exact time but if you want to come for dinner at 7 pm, maybe there is no food left for you.

White Rose Restaurant



White Rose is a hotel and they’re having a restaurant on downstairs. Here, you can find simple, stunning and cheap Cambodia dishes from Cambodia noodle styles or Luk Lak and don’t forget call for yourself a hot cup of Cambodia coffee. As a coffee addicted, the Cambodia coffee absolutely has my heart, my tastes, and my stomach.

Sky Bar 

After eating, maybe you will want a drink and take a view of Koh Rong from up above? Then, just head straight to Sky Bar. You have to climb a bit but the panoramic view just worth everything. Their menu of drinks also interesting with many choices to make. But be careful don’t drink so much or you can’t walk straight or climb down to find the way back to your bungalow.

Da Matti?

Want some pasta or pizza? Then Da Matti will have your back. On the 3rd pier, maybe you can have some Italian cuisine while enjoying the view of the sea. One thing to be careful is their portion quite big. It will be a shame if we wasting good food, right?

Besides thing I mentioned above, you can easily treat yourself a beer or smoothies on Koh Rong Island. Price quite cheap. I also had seafood BBQ but it was not good enough cause the food was not that fresh but the chicken BBQ was good.

All this was based on my true experiences and it may be applied right or wrong on you so why don’t you come to Koh Rong and try it yourself?





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