Chasing the sun in Myanmar – Day 1

It’s been a long time since the last time I blogging. Having no time but maybe lazy is my big excuse. Anyway, today I will tell about my Myanmar trip in last Lunar New Year in Vietnam.

Before coming to Myanmar, I was very nervous. This is not the first time I travel alone but Myanmar is a different level if compare to Bangkok or Singapore, the develop countries. Although I keep collecting information from my friends’ s friend, who were Burmese or seeing many reviews on the Internet, that would not help me worrying less.

My very first picture in Yangon, Myanmar

At first, my plan was would cross into Thailand through Myanmar – Thailand boarding but the plan change at the very last minute, that why I had to book flights tickets from two different brands and it cost a lot. I went to Myanmar by Vietnam Airlines and back by with Vietjet. Please note that Vietnam Airlines lands at Terminal 1 and Vietjet lands at Terminal 2 so when you head back to your country, tell the taxi driver drop at right terminal.

At the plane, I met 2 other Vietnamese and they asked me if I want to join them go to city center. After changed money and bought telephone sim, started to find a taxi. We tried to bargain and got a deal 30.000 Kyats go to city center, 2 different pagodas and head to Yangon bus stop. Because my schedule is different with them so I just went with them so I not followed to bus stop and promised would meet again in Bagan.

People praying for luck, health and happiness at its corner in Chauk Htat Gyi

We had lunch at Feel Myanmar Restaurant, the famous Myanmar restaurant in Yangon. The price was ok and the food was good too. Please note that now there are two Feel Myanmar Restaurant. One in city and one near Yangon airport. Check the image around the restaurant on internet before go to there will help you a lot because our taxi driver were mistaken and brought us to the nearest airport and we had to deal price again.

According to my friends and people in Myanmar, the price from airport to city center should around 8000 Kyats to 9000 Kyats and city center head to Yangon bus stop should be around 9000 Kyats to 10000 Kyats. You should not pay more. And note that Myanmar has very bad traffic. If there was no traffic jam, it takes 45′ from airport/ bus stop to city center but in the peak time, it takes you two hours or more. So prepare yourself well in order keep time to airport or the bus stop.

Famous Reclining Buddha image at Chauk Htat Gyi


After had lunch, we went to Chauk Htat Gyi, known for its enormous 65 meters long Reclining Buddha image. No entrance fee. Spent 30 minutes there and we continue went to very famous Shwedagon Pagoda. The entrance fee is 8000 Kyats for foreigners.  Actually, I have no interested in Pagodas because I think we have enough of Pagodas in Vietnam. I just feel interested if I know the story behind Pagodas and I just visited there because curious. The sunset at Shwedagon Pagoda was not good like what I read on Internet but well, it still a memorable experience.

Shwedagon Pagoda
Shwedagon Pagoda 


I was very impressed at Myanmar people cause it look like they drop off everything and go to Pagodas after 5pm for praying. Even the old and young people. After watched the sunset at Shwedagon while listening people around praying and the bell kept ringing, I took a cab to Yangon Bus Stop. And please note that the bus stop is very big so you should know the name of the bus you will take so taxi driver will drive you to their waiting stall.



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