first time alone in Bangkok – Day 1

In the mood for missing Bangkok, that’s why I have this preview. I just went to Bangkok twice, once at Songkran 2015 with my friend and wandered Bangkok alone in January 2016. And this preview will tell about my Bangkok experience in January 2016.

Back that time, I was so worried cause this was the 1st time I travelled alone though I went to Bangkok before. But still, I had to calm myself everything was going to alright. I choose Air Asia flew that time and they were not landed in Suvarnabhumi but Don Mueang airport and it took me nearly 1 hours to get out immigration door. Remember you have to fill out all information in the paper that the stewards give to you on the plane why you go to Thai, where you stay just in case you have to waste time fill in at immigration control.

To get to Bangkok from Don Mueang, you need to go straight into the door and find door number 6. Turn right and you will see the station A1, just get into the line where people are waiting. Bus A1 (yellow) will come and take you to Mochit (the last station, near to Chatuchak market also the Mochit BTS Station). Here, you can catch BTS to city central or go to Chatuchak Market if you can’t wait anymore haha. It takes around 30′ from Don Meaung to Mo Chit if no traffic jam. And Mochit is the last stop so just sit on the bus until everyone get off, that’s also the time you get off too hehe. Bus time is from 7 to 24 as I remember.

Update: I hear they just launch new A1, an eco-friendly bus from Don Meung to Mochit. Ticket price is still the same. 30 Baht. And if you go with your friend, you can take a taxi from Don Meaung to Mochit.

So, after I got off to Mochit and catch BTS to my hostel to left luggage, I went straight to Chatuchak weekend market (of course). That time, I wanted to try the fish cake in Chatuchak Market but I advise you don’t. The season is they was not hot and too much for one people to eat a whole bunch. At Amphawa floating market, they sell that dish in small portion, so you can try it with less money.

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Fish cake in Chatuchak weekend market.

After shopping in Chatuchak market, I went to Terminal 21 – a shopping mall to have dinner. The food here is amazing and very cheap. Just go to the food court and you will surely don’t know what to eat because there are many many things. The decor in Terminal 21 is very special too. They have around 4 or 5 floors and each floor is a different them from Italy, Japan to America. Should check it and have many amazing photos here hehe.

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Outside Terminal 21 shopping mall. At that time, BKK still in the mood for Christmas and New Year so everywhere is decorated with lights like this. So beautiful.

The special point of that day is I went to Nanta – the amazing cooking show in Bangkok. I was given the free ticket from TAT Ho Chi Minh so decided to give it a try. Because there are no BTS or MRT to the theatre, so I took the MRT train to Phetchaburi MRT Station and then catch a taxi to RCA Plaza Bldg. This area isolated so I was a bit scared. It also took me nearly 10 minutes to found where the theatre is. If you want to come to watch the show, the tip is when getting off the taxi and go straight to RCA Plaza Bldg and turn left, you will see a big banner Nanta show.


Nanta show in BKK. Cause there no camera allowed so I take this pic from Internet. A must go when you come to BKK.


The shows take around 1 and half hour ( sorry I don’t remember but it’s really worth). No camera or phone is allowed when the show is going. Then what is Nanta show ? This is a Korean cooking show that they will use kitchen equipment and food to tell you a story. If you lucky, you will have a chance invited to the stage by actors. I normally don’t watch show or culture performance or something like that when travel, but after back from Nanta show, I think I should find some show when travel to another country to watch, so I could learn more about the culture and grow myself. You can find a short video of Nanta show on Youtube.

After watching the show, I took a taxi back to Phetchaburi MRT and took another train to Thailand Cultural Center MRT Station for Ratchada Train weekend market (Thursday to Sunday from 17.00 to 24.00). I have to say that Thai have many weekend market or market fairs and all are AMAZING. Cheap food, many things to shopping, coffee and bar in the same time, great atmosphere. That makes me just want to relocate in Thai and go to a weekend market every night haha. I was so busy eating at the Ratchada Train weekend market so didn’t have time to shopping or capture much. Sorry guys but I guess you will be like me when to go to Ratchada Train weekend market cause food is everywhere and you just can’t ignore it.

For the Ratchada Train weekend market, when you take MRT to Thailand Cultural Center MRT Station, take the exit to Esplanade Shopping Mall. And when you get to the ground, turn left, you will see Esplanade Shopping Mall right away. Go straight to the mall, look for a small door on the left and just follow people go outside. Just go straight with people around and you will see  Ratchada Train weekend market is waiting for you right in the forth haha.


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Fried chicken at Train night market. So cheap but yet so good.

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They sell many things in here. Incluse mini liquid like this haha.
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Also you can cut your hair at Train night market :”D

I backed to the hostel after 12pm after treat myself very well at Ratchada Train weekend market. The plan for tomorrow is Amphawa floating market. Go go go !

Tips for wander around Bangkok:

  • Bangkok has amazing BTS (elevated train) and MRT (train underground) network, which take you to mostly everywhere in Bangkok. For those who don’t know how to use this, you can go to Youtube. There are many videos show how to take BTS and MRT when in Bangkok.
  • Most of the taxi drivers can’t speak English so you better learn some common phrase in Thai like the station or just the name of the place like Siam, Phetchaburi, Promphong…Or you can ask the hotel receptionist where you stay write the addresses you want to come in Thai and show that to taxi drivers.
  • You also can ask the hotel receptionist catch the taxi for you cause now there is also have Grab taxi in Bangkok and this will help you save a lot of money.





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